ELL stands for English Language Learners.

ELL support is available for any student whose first language is not English and who needs additional language support. English is the primary language of instruction at the ISE, which means that students learn in English. 

As part of the ISE Admission procedure, speakers of English as a second or subsequent language will undergo an English proficiency (WIDA) testing to determine their level of English, and assistance needed. Students entering ISE in August will be tested during the first week or two of classes. The ELL Coordinator will test students entering ISE at any other time as soon as possible. There are no fees involved in the testing of students, and parents of will be informed of the results. 

Speakers of English as a second or subsequent language in Grades 1-10 with no previous experience of English receive help in a pullout class with an ELL teacher. The overall aim of the ELL support program is to offer the student additional help in building language skills to develop confidence in English as rapidly as possible. At Diploma Programme level English language proficiency is a prerequisite for satisfactory completion of the IB programme.

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