Matthew Bell

MYP Mathematics & Science

Matthew Bell grew up in a small Scottish town before a passion for Science and Mathematics had him heading to University of Glasgow to obtain a Master’s degree in Chemistry. During his degree he found himself happiest when helping others and after navigating through a postgraduate diploma in education at the University of Aberdeen he returned to his home council to help spread the passion he had grown and fostered over the years as a science teacher.

Matthew first arrived in Estonia in 2016 where he spent his time between ISE and VHK working as an in house maths tutor and English language science teacher respectively. Thankfully this year he has been promoted to full time staff (a fact he cannot be happier about).

Quick to adapt to new learning and teaching styles, Matthew is a firm believer in experiential learning and the value of new digital technologies. Constantly adapting and refining materials, he strives to teach in ever more engaging ways.