Janika Kurrel van Ekeris

Preschool 3/4

Janika van Ekeris was born and raised in Estonia. In 1992 she graduated cum laude from Tallinn Pedagogical University Teacher’s Seminar, Estonia, after fulfilling a 4-year study programme in Preschool Pedagogy and Psycology. Ms. Janika has been teaching Preschool for 15 years (since 2007) at the International School of Estonia.  She is trained in the Primary Years Programme in the International Baccalaureate (IB) system. In 2009 Ms. Janika won a prize for the best Literacy Corner in Estonia. She has lived in Holland and New Zealand and speaks 4 languages fluently, Estonian, Russian, Dutch and English.

Ms. Janika enjoys music, Zumba, dancing, reading, traveling and handicraft.