Kristel Päll

I think that my  story of becoming  a psychologist already started in Grade 9, when I understood that I would become a psychologist when I grew up . I made my decisions based on this knowledge, and went to study psychology at Tallinn University where I received both the  bachelor’s and the  master’s degree in the field. During my university studies I read  elementary art therapy, and specialized in the field of school and counseling psychology. Today I have gained professional experience as a school psychologist from six different schools, and have received a level 7 certificate (out of 8) for school psychologist. Since 2012, I have been teaching courses on sports psychology, neuropsychology, general and developmental psychology, psychology of crisis, close relationships and conflicts, and motivation. At the moment, I am involved in specializing in family psychotherapy, which gives me an opportunity and ability to conduct family and couple therapy.

My practice is  guided by three principles:

  • Holistic approach to a person, and the awareness and care of both physical and emotional health.
  • The well being of a human, the quality of life is influenced by the enclosed relationships and systems, therefore it is essential to make them visible and manageable.
  • Take time for yourself and give it for the others.