Maren Toom

Estonian Studies (PYP/MYP/DP)

Maren Toom, a teacher since 1986, has been teaching Estonian language, culture and literature for grades 1-12 at ISE since January 1999. Teaching and sharing Estonian culture and literature are her passions, she is always eager to show students and visitors around Estonia and share it’s special culture, traditions and history.

She was born in Tallinn, graduated Tartu University (founded in 1632) as an Estonian and Finno-Ugric philologist and a teacher of language and literature (MA). She lived in Denmark and studied for one year in Uge Folkehojskole. Later she graduated Tartu University as a teacher of English and completed the training for school administration.

At Tallinn University she was trained as a translator and editor of English to Estonian. For her MA thesis in Education she was received cum laude. As she teaches all grades at ISE, she has been trained in all IB levels: PYP, MYP and Diploma, also as a teacher of host country studies. Her most interesting training was in 2012 in Oxford,  a workshop for IB Diploma literature teaching course.

She has been a language editor for Põlva county newspaper. She has taught Estonian, Finnish and English in a small country school, in one of Tallinn`s English biased schools and language courses for adults. She has published three books of Estonian riddles. She has also been an examiner of the state language for the Estonian Citizenship and Migration Board. In 2007, she taught  in Bristol Consolidated School, Maine, USA (School to School project). At ISE she has also served as MYP Community Service Coordinator (1999-2004) and IB Diploma CAS coordinator.

She is a board member of MTÜ Enne ja pärast sündi (Nõmme Women`s Shelter), loves children, animals, nature, botany, theatre, literature, folklore and music. Her hobbies are gardening, handicrafts, Estonian cultural heritage, literature.

She has been married since 1984 and has 4 sons.