In 2019-2022 ISE PYP Early Years teachers participated in Erasmus+ mobilityproject “Supporting learner agency through play-based learning.”

The preschool teacher and the PYP Principal-Coordinator visited Frankfurt
International School, and PYP 1 teacher and Art teacher visited International
School of Prague. The teachers job shadowed the teachers and learners in the
partner schools during lessons and during the breaks, and also had opportunities to
ask questions from the teachers, visit different classrooms to observe the learning
environments, and see different ways of planning, assessing and recording
learning. The preschool teacher and Music teacher participated in “The Child First:
Montessori, Reggio Emilia System and Contemporary Approaches to Pre-School
Education" workshop in Rome.

Through the project activities and discussions after the visits, the participant
refined their common understanding of what quality teaching and learning in play-
based learning looks, sounds and feels like; how learner agency and inquiry are
supported in play-based learning environment; and how to explain and show the
value of play-based learning to the wider school community.

As a result of this project the participating teachers updated materials (eg. more
toys and building blocks from wood) in their classroom to support play and made
adjustment to their learning spaces. The Art teacher included more play and
student choice in her lessons and reorganised the ways she presents the art work,
including documentation that allows the students to revisit their experiences. This
way they reconsider their theories and explore new understandings. We ordered a
large outdoor play kitchen for the early years play area. The participants created
an information video to the parents to explain how play is the central feature of
learning in early years, what we do in our school, and how parents can support
children at home.