Admissions Application

There is no general admissions test. However, to ensure that ISE can meet a student’s learning needs, comprehensive information must also be provided along with the Admission application.

This information is to include:

  • Confidential Teacher Reference Forms
  • Progress Reports for the last two years
  • Completion of Health and Data Form
  • Evidence for any educational support needed or required

All documents required must be in English as the medium of instruction at ISE. ISE (with parental permission) may contact the previous school of applicants with specific questions as to the child’s performance. Should any further questions arise from this process, ISE reserves the right to require additional documentation. This may require additional testing by a certified and approved practitioner.

For students with special needs, please see our Student Support Needs/Inclusion policy.

Click on the link below and follow the directions. A member of the school administration will be in contact with you following the receipt of the admissions application.

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