Welcome to the PTA at ISE!

The PTA aims to support our children’s education at ISE by providing memorable student events, worthwhile fundraisers, and social gatherings for parents, teachers and students alike. 

We are committed to:

  • Providing fun and educational experiences for the students at the school so that they can grow closer together as a community;
  • Enhancing the parent community at our school by providing social events where parents can meet together often;
  • Fundraising for the “extra” enhancements that make a good school great and encourage our children to become better learners and members of society; and
  • Providing a communication link between parents, teachers, and staff.


The PTA is organized with an Executive Board as the head.  This Executive Board consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.   Class representatives make up the core of the PTA Board and volunteers.   These moms, or dads, are the parents who make a significant contribution to ISE and consistently support PTA events and activities.  All parents are more than welcome to attend any or all of our monthly meetings.  We encourage all parents to get involved when they can.  The Executive Board is re-elected on a yearly basis, and class representatives volunteer to serve at the beginning of each school year.

The PTA sponsors about one event each month.  We strive to organize activities which exemplify our goals.  There are a few events that children look forward to each year that have become ISE traditions –

  • School Photo Days
  • International Day
  • Costume Party and Disco
  • PTA Fall Social
  • Family Fun Day


Along with these large events throughout the year, class representatives are encouraged to host a few coffee mornings with their grade’s parents.  The PTA also supports school-sponsored events like Book Week, the School Musical, the Talent Show, and Friendly Olympics.

With all the hard work and fun, we are especially grateful to the community for their support of our activities.  With the money we have earned, we continue each year to purchase items that enhance the learning and social environment at ISE.  Here is a brief list of a few items that have been recently purchased by the PTA for the benefit of ISE students:

  • A clothes drying closet for all the wet, winter clothes
  • Archery equipment for a popular after-school activity
  • A spotlight for our drama/musical performances
  • Equipment for our computer lab
  • Theater rental for the annual school musical


We look forward to many more contributions from the PTA and many more fun, enriching activities at ISE!

Contact the PTA at pta@ise.edu.ee.