Kadri Tomson

MYP Principal-Coordinator/Information literacy specialist

Kadri Tomson is a highly qualified and experienced MYP Principal-Coordinator and Information literacy specialist, whose goal is to coordinate the delivery of a rigorous IB middle years programme, create an inspiring learning environment, nurture the love of reading, and promote academic integrity through research and critical thinking skills development to students coming from diverse cultural backgrounds. Ms. Tomson has been working at ISE for about 20 years as an Estonian and preschool teacher, and lastly as a teacher-librarian. After implementing the IB MYP Programme Ms. Tomson holds the positions of Personal Projects Coordinator and beginning 2015-2016 school year MYP Coordinator. She holds a Master’s degree in early childhood education graduating Cum Laude from Tallinn Pedagogical University. She also holds a certificate of an English teacher and of Library Sciences. Ms. Tomson is an acknowledged IB educator teaching collaboratively at PYP and MYP levels, being an experienced team leader for accreditation self-study committees, and resourcing all programs at ISE. Additional roles and accomplishments include receiving ECIS Award for the Promotion of International Education, serving as a School Supervisory Board Member (Faculty representative) from 2008-2012 and as IT/Library Department Head, training in Cognitive Coaching, recognition from Tallinn City Educational Council for the collaborative project of redesigning MYP Student-led Conferences. Ms. Tomson is a native Estonian coming from a small town Paide in Central Estonia, now living in Tallinn with her family. She has two children, a daughter and a son. Her daughter is an ISE alumnus from 2015, an undergraduate of Archaeology and Ancient history at Oxford University. Kadri enjoys sports, reading and good company of friends. She loves traveling, long walks with her dog and trying out new and exciting hobbies like scuba diving. Kadri speaks Estonian, English, Finnish and a little Russian.