Sandhya Paul

Sandhya is from Bangalore, which is a bustling cosmopolitan city in India. She has worked for 12 years as an IB teacher (2009 – present). She began her career as an international teacher in a tiny hill town in India called Kodaikanal and then moved to Malaysia. Her desire to further her professional growth brought her to Estonia in 2016. She is currently the head of the science department, the approaches to learning coordinator and a general science and chemistry teacher at ISE. Sandhya graduated from Bangalore University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Zoology and Microbiology (triple major). She received five gold medals in chemistry from the university. She has a Master of Science in Biochemistry from Mysore University in India for which she received three gold medals. She also graduated with distinction from the University of Leeds, England in the Master of Arts in Science Education course. She discovered her passion for teaching while volunteering at a non-profit company that provided free education, nutrition, and healthcare to underprivileged children from the slums of Bangalore. During that time, she learned that though teaching is very challenging, it is also extremely satisfying. Every small improvement or step forward made her feel like she had contributed to the child’s life. She decided to hone this passion by obtaining a degree in science education and working as a teacher. When she’s not working, she keeps herself entertained by wandering around town, playing word games, listening to music, watching documentaries, pretending to understand soccer and spending time with her family and friends.