To promote student success and community engagement, the ISE experience is undergirded with a network of learning opportunities, social activities, and academic assistance.

The International School of Estonia (ISE) is located at 18 Juhkentali, just a 10 minute walk to Old Town and a 5 minute drive to the airport.
The two-story building was built in the late 1800s as a stable and barracks for the Czar’s cavalry. Converted to a cooking school in the 1960s, it now has 2,400 square meters of space. The building has 19 classrooms and capacity for approximately 160 students. Specialized teaching areas include the science lab, music and art centers, a computer/technology lab, French/German language rooms and ELL and learning resources support centers.


The school building includes a gymnasium on the second floor and is surrounded on three sides by playground areas for sports and break times. The school rents facilities at the Tallinna Spordihall,which is located just across the street. This 10,325 square meter facility is used as a training arena by the Estonian Olympians. The all-indoor structure, built in 1998, features a full running track, pole vault, high jump, two indoor tennis courts, gym, sauna, lockers and dressing rooms. In addition, the school rents tennis courts from the Tallinna Kalevi Tenniseklubi, located 75 meters from the school. The club offers six outdoor, clay tennis courts. The local stadium and training area are used for outdoor activities. A dedicated assembly area is located on the first floor.


ISE rents facilities, when needed, with large auditoriums for the annual talent show and the graduation and leaving ceremony. The school is not able to cater for students with serious mobility limitations.

Outdoor play is an important part of a child's development and plays an important role in our school-life. Our playground is tailored to compliment the school curriculum and has been designed to really focus on what a child needs at each stage of their development.
Our school playground equipment provides a platform for children to grow, have fun and learn in a healthy, stimulating environment.
Our extensive school playground equipment range features: basket ball court, football cage and football court, pre-school area, set of swings, and recreational area for primary school.


The Learning Commons underwent a major expansion and remodel during the summer of 2007. The Center features dedicated spaces for instruction, studying and an 8-station computer center. Parents and faculty often come in to check out a book for themselves and their children. The library has an adequate collection of approximately 10,000 titles, and growing online database and an ongoing development policy, acquisition and de-selection procedures.
Technology is well resourced at ISE. The school has a 1:1 iPad program. The entire school is Wifi accessible and fully networked. Digital imaging equipment and software give students the opportunity to develop skills and the tools they will need to be successful at university and in the work place. Information and communication technology is integral to a well-rounded education for students, staff and the school operation as a whole. ISE is actively expanding its digital imaging equipment that includes LCD projectors, video and still cameras and video conferencing equipment.

There is a cafeteria on the first floor that provides daily hot meals and an assortment of cold options. Older students have a choice of various hot and cold meals in the cafeteria, while Pre-school and Reception students have a fixed-price meal.