The student council

The student council at ISE is an organization of students ranging from MYP1 to DP2 committed to improving student life and involvement within the school community. Our mission is to act as a collective voice for the student body to communicate the interests of the students to the administration and to work towards affecting change through student empowerment.

The student council at the International School of Estonia was first established in 2000. As with most student councils, it is a way for students to learn about government, promote school spirit, have their voices heard and make change.  Each grade has at least one representative voice on the student council.

The student council meets weekly and discusses issues of concern from the student body, as well as organized various activities to promote student involvement.  The student council acts as a liaison for the students with the administration.  The upper school student council works in partnership with the lower school student council to organize school-wide events.

 Activities include:

  • Dances
  • Establishing a mini store to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity
  • Theme weeks
  • Bake sales
  • Various sports tournaments (ping-pong, basketball, volleyball etc.)
  • Selling lollipops for Valentine’s Day
  • Organizing a decoration of the building
  • Planning fun activities for various schools participating in the Friendly Olympics
  • Providing Baby sitting services during school events, parent conferences, etc.