Student Support Program

Inclusive education that embraces diversity and differences is supported by the United Nations as a matter of human rights and social justice. In the publication “Learning diversity and inclusion in IB programmes: Removing barriers to learning” (2016), the IB states: “Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers. Inclusion is facilitated in a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, support and problem-solving involving the whole school community.”

Access and engagement in learning for all students are only possible by identifying and removing barriers to learning. Those barriers to learning may be found in the way schools are organized and resourced, their cultures and policies, the approaches to teaching and learning, the physical aspects of buildings, and the ways in which individuals within the school community interact on a daily basis.

ISE’s Student Support Team (SST) strives to realize IB’s principles on inclusion and diversity into practice throughout our continuum of programmes. By working as a team, we aim to identify and remove all barriers to learning so all our students are able to reach their full potential. The Student Support Team (SST) consists of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Coordinator, the English Acquisition Learners (EAL) teacher, the school Psychologist, the Dean of Students, the respective division’s Principal-Coordinator (PYP, MYP and DP) and the Director.

The Student Support Team (SST)

ISE Inclusion Policy

ISE Child Safeguarding Policy
and Procedures Handbook

Contact Informationon for Admissions policy: Reelika Herkel
Admissions Officer

Contact Information for Student Support: Ethel Reesar
Special Educational Needs Coordinator