The International School of Estonia is the leading integrated technology program in the Baltic region.  We have been an 1:1 iPad school for the past four years and have been visited from schools around the world to look at our pedagogical practice in regards to innovation.  We believe that learning in the 21st century is inquiry-based, mobile, and hands-on. Having devices ready to conduct research, present, create, collaborate and communicate allow our students to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to learning without delay. We also believe in living balanced lives and we actively teach our students responsible use of social media and learning how to turn devices off to be present with family and friends.


Innovation is not just about technology though. ISE actively looks for ways to design learning space that allows students to feel good about themselves and being at school. You’ll see couches, standing desks, large ball seats, cushions and other multiple ways to get students moving and active in their learning or a place to have a conversation that supports deep learning with the faculty and peers.ISE is receiving recognition in all our practices and have had numerous school visits from around the world including representatives from the Educational Ministry of Thailand and Finland.  ISE was awarded in November 2014, the Smart Owl designation from the Center for Innovation in Education at Tallinn University for our pedagogical and management practices.