Schoolwide Policies

According to IBO “School culture refers to the written and unwritten rules that define how a school functions. It also encompasses personal and collective well-being, the effective utilization of physical and human resources, and the extent to which a school acknowledges and celebrates diversity. As part of developing culture through policy implementation schools develop, implement, communicate and review effective policies that help to create a school culture in which IB philosophy can thrive (IB Programme standards and practices). ISE policies considered the IB, CIS and NEASC requirements and best educational practices that inform our practices.

ISE Student-Parent Handbook

Student-Parent Handbook aims to communicate the way ISE operates. It sets out the  expectations the school has and what our families can expect from us. We recommend that families read sections of the handbook together with child(ren). 

ISE PYP-MYP-DP Academic Integrity Policy 

Integrity, honesty, and being ethical aren’t values that one should live by when it’s convenient. They are values that one should live by all the time. ISE Academic Integrity Policy focuses on prevention and promoting good practice. It is our goal for the entire school community to view the principles of the Academic Integrity Policy positively.

ISE PYP-MYP-DP Assessment Policy

At the International School of Estonia, assessment informs the learner, learning and teaching, and the learning community through the monitoring, documenting and measuring of learning. Assessment (formative and summative) is ongoing, shows what students know, understand and can do.

ISE PYP-MYP-DP Language Policy

English is the official language of the International School of Estonia. Acknowledging that language is central to thinking and to inquiry, the International School of Estonia commits to the whole-language approach to teaching where all teachers are language teachers.

ISE Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures Handbook

ISE promotes the values of care and compassion and daily seeks to foster wellness in the lives of students. The ISE Child Safeguarding Policy aims to protect the student, the family and the ISE community. It ensures that the right to protection and access to confidential support systems is available to all students.