CEESA Program

ISE is one of the founding members of the Central & Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA). It was established as a result of the growth of American and International Schools in Central and Eastern Europe. In many cases, the schools were geographically isolated from each other and from the main stream of American and International Education. CEESA was formed to broaden the horizons of schools and to promote professional growth. CEESA provides professional development for our staff in the region. In addition to the CEESA Annual Conference in March, CEESA sponsors regional workshops, institutes, and meetings to foster professionalism, scholarship, and a deeper understanding of improvements for leading, teaching, and learning. 10% of ISE teachers attend and often present at the annual conference. 

A unique offering of our association is that CEESA sponsors student activities, focusing on a variety of academic and non-academic areas, and a full schedule of sports events. See the calendar for a list of these events. ISE students participate in and host CEESA events each year.  We need ISE families during our event to host students in pairs in their homes. When our students attend CEESA events, the corresponding school community does the same for our students by providing housing, meals and transportation during the 2-3 day event. In 2014-2015, we hosted the Middle School Girls Volleyball tournament with great success and community support. Our students travelled to CEESA events such as Knowledge Bowl.

For over 10 years, ISE has hosted the Friendly Olympics for our middle school where students from 5 or more international CEESA schools come to compete in various events at the Kalev indoor stadium next to our school. Students look forward to this wonderful event of competition and the making of new friends around the region. The CEESA organization is sponsored as well by the US Department of Overseas Schools and is used to connect directors to each other to help push model practices throughout the region. Our Director serves on the CEESA Board of Directors and meets twice a year to plan out events and training within the region.

CEESA leads educational transformation through collaboration.