ISE has friends all over the world and our international community is continually expanding – former students, former teachers, members of other international schools, etc. To fulfill our mission and to foster intercultural understanding and respect, we organize different activities and communicate regularly with all of our friends.


Our teachers come from 7 different countries, our students represent 29 different nationalities.

Together we make up the Learning Community that is ISE.


ISE maintains close contact within the community using a variety of methods. Email is the primary means of communication with parents. The school maintains Managebac, as a key link between parents and the classroom.

Newsletters/Blogs form an important link in the communication network within the community. The ISE staff and students prepare a variety of newsletters/blogs throughout the year. These include the weekly school Newsletter and weekly/monthly classroom newsletters and blogs. These items include information on what has taken place over the past weeks and what will be happening in the near future. Information on how parents can get involved in their child’s education is also included, as well as general information on education and parenting.

We are proud to show what is going on at ISE with recent updates found on our Facebook page.

We are very happy to have the support of our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which plays a vital role in the school life.

Whether you thinking about moving to Estonia, are just settling in, the Estonia.eu page contains helpful information and links so you can learn more about this beautiful and historical country and it’s interesting culture.