Choosing an International School

Making a decision what school to enroll your child in is one of the most important decisions you will make. At International School of Estonia we think it is important to make sure that you are clear about what schools offer before you make your decision.

So how do you know you are making the right choice for your children?

The starting place is to visit the school and meet the people who work there; talk to them about the expectations you have for your children; and ask lots of questions about the school’s core values and pedagogy of learning.Some questions you might like to ask.

Your Child

· Does the school have planned activities to assist new children in a positive start to school?

· How big are the classes?
· What services are available for individual student counselling and university placement?
· How does the school support the special learning needs of all its children?
· Are after school activities (arts, sports, clubs, community service) offered?

The Curriculum

· Is the curriculum rigorous and engaging?
· Is there curriculum continuity through the whole school?
· How does the school’s curriculum connect students to their next education location?- wherever that may be.
· Does the school have a success record for the quality achievement of its graduating students?
· Does the school have a child-centered focus and an approach that meets student’s individual needs?
· Does the school support students who need additional help to learn English?

The Teachers

· Are all the teachers certified and trained in the curriculum?
· Does the school support professional development for its teachers are up to date and using best practices’?
· Are classroom doors open to parents?

The School

· Is the school accredited internationally, nationally and well established?
· Is the school technologically state-of-the-art and well maintained?

Your Involvement

· Does the school have a strong sense of community in which you and your family can play an active and happy role?

· To what extent can you be a partner in your child’s learning
· Does the school offer opportunities for parent education?

The conversations that emerge from these questions will certainly get you started!

Schools in some ways are a bit like people, they have personalities, you sometimes feel comfortable straight away with some, while others take a little time. We hear from our families that for some it was easy, they could tell from the moment they walked in that ISE was the school for them. Others talk about the way that their trust in the school has grown over time.

Either way we are here to work with you and alongside you to make sure that your child gets the benefit of a world class education.

Don Payne