ICT and Digital Citizenship

Mobile devices are increasingly present in the lives of our students. ISE has been a cutting-edge school for many years and recognized for its technology integration practices in the classroom. ISE has been a 1-1 iPad school since 2012, providing every teacher and every student from Reception to Grade 12 with an iPad in order to support inquiry, personalized learning and ISE’s technology integration plan. More than half of our classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs. Teachers and students also have access to our Library and Computer Cafe iMacs for lessons, as well as a set of school owned laptops that can be used either on campus or borrowed for home use, under certain circumstances. ISE also has a 3D printer which can be used for Design projects. Since 2017 DP students are required to bring in their own device and starting from August 2018 the BYOD programme will be moving down to Middle School.

The school offers a robust wireless network that is capable of supporting the full spectrum of devices currently available to its students and staff. ISE is a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school and provides all students starting from Grade 2 to Grade 12 with an ISE email account to use for educational purposes. ISE uses ManageBac as their Integrated Information System, which parents can use as a means of communication between them and the school. ISE also uses Seesaw to document and share student progress on a day-to-day basis with parents.

We believe that building a positive school culture that supports the safe and responsible use of technology should include parent involvement. Therefore, we try to communicate with parents, suggest resources and strategies on how we can create a safe digital environment for our children. ISE uses Common Sense Media for supporting digital citizenship throughout our school.In addition we have created Responsible Use Agreements related to technology and digital systems, that students are expected to follow during their enrollment at ISE. 

All Middle/Upper School students need to read and agree to the IT and BYOD Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) as well as the iPad Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) during their first week at the school before they can use their personal device (s) in school or other school owned devices. Lower School students have their own IT Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) for Lower School which will need to be read by the parent(s) with the child and explained to them.

For any queries regarding technical support or our Responsible Use Agreements please contact  it@ise.edu.ee