Ketlin Ploom

Ms. Ketlin was born and raised in Jõgeva, Estonia. Her mom is a teacher in the local kindergarten and Ms. Ketlin fell in love of teaching helping her mom at work.

Her studies at Tallinn University brought her to Tallinn in 2002. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Education and Educational Counselling from Tallinn University. She graduated cum laude from Tallinn University. She has made her research work investigating the history of kindergartens in Jõgeva’s county. Before starting to work at ISE, Ms. Ketlin was working for Mainor, writing projects for creating fun children’s camps.   

Ms. Ketlin has a thirteen-year history with ISE. She first was a teacher in preschool. Since 2009, she has been our Reception teacher.  

Ms. Ketlin enjoys spending time with her family, singing, painting, traveling and cooking.