Design Technology

MYP Design Technology

Design is a multifaceted course that strives to support interdisciplinary skills and aims to provide the means and the context to help students become skillful problem solvers, who can appreciate the role of technology in everyday life and society and who can respond critically and resourcefully to real-life challenges. The MYP (Middle Years Program) design course is project based, and students are encouraged to consider international perspectives in some of their projects. During each unit, students will follow the design cycle set by IB (International Baccalaureate), which requires that the students

– investigate and research ways to solve problems;
– generate a variety of designs to meet these solutions;
– construct a plan or plans to create their products or solutions;
– create products using technology tools, materials, and techniques, and
– reflect upon their products and solutions as a means of evaluation.

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Design Aims

  • Develop an appreciation of the significance of technology for life, for a global society, for our environment, and our future.\
  • Use knowledge, skills, techniques, and machines to create products and solutions.
  • Develop problem-solving, critical- and creative-thinking skills through application of the design cycle.
  • Develop respect for others viewpoints and appreciate alternate designs created by them.
  • Use and apply technology effectively to access, process, and communicate information and solve problems.
  • Use design technology to create materials and systems.